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Winter Swimming Pool Covers - Columbus Ohio

Our standard winter pool covers are loaded with the all features your need plus more strength when compared to most other winter pool cover brands. Our pool winter covers have all the strength and durability you need to ensure years of protection. Made from Tough Triple-Laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with thick, high-density stitching ensures superior tensile strength and durability. The material is U.V. protected from sunlight providing maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet sunlight rays and to increase longevity. Rugged Marine Grade thread is also U.V. protected to remain strong for years. Tough inter-woven scrim to for strength, reinforcement and wind damage resistance.

For above ground pools the winter cover is complete with a heavy duty vinyl-coated steel cable and non-corrosive turnbuckle that threads through aluminum stamped anchoring grommets for a secure fit. Our 3-foot overlap can easily accommodate a 12" water drop and keeps your cover on the pool not in the water!

For in-ground pools the winter pool cover is secured using water bags and our strong water bag loops and corner anchoring Rip-Proof aluminum grommets. Our 5-foot overlap can easily accommodate an 18" water drop and keep your cover on the pool, not in the water!


Our polar winter pool covers are constructed of 6 foot wide panels of Heavy-duty tightly woven 8 x 8 scrim fabric with polyethylene laminate that resists the elements and does not allow light to pass through. Without sunlight, algae cannot grow! U.V. inhibitors protect the cover from sunlight degradation.


Our winter cover seams are wide and Heat Sealed to prevent leak-through un-like stitched seams. Hems are Double folded with a Polypropylene Cord sewn into a Double stitched, Reinforced Polypropylene Marine Grade webbing, The grommets are made to stay in place, un-like cheaper made covers without this webbed reinforcement. This provides additional strength and durability around the Entire Perimeter of the cover to stand up to windy conditions much better without tearing. Tough Marine Grade thread will not rot and loose it's strength like cotton thread, so our seams are stronger and will not split apart. Easy securing - features non-corrosive, The 1" aluminum stamped grommets conveniently positioned and Doubled every three feet around the cover perimeter for quick and easy securing! (Water Bag Loops pictured are only on our in-ground pool covers).


Our swimming pool winter covers are made 3-foot larger for above ground pools and 5 foot larger for in-ground pools than the stated swim area cover size. These pool winter covers can easily accommodate a 12" to 18" pool water drop and keep your cover on the pool, not in the water. This extra fabric also provides some of the slack needed during windy weather, helping to prevent excessive wear and tear! (although not required, we recommend using an ice expansion skimmer guard protection and inlet plug instead of lowering your pool water level).


The winter pool cover is solid and lightweight for easy handling. Dark Blue on the top with a black underside to block the sunlight and inhibit algae growth.

Other grades and types of winter pool covers are avalable too. Give us a call...we will be glad to help.

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