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We offer quality chemical choices in Ohio to maintain safe clean and clear swimming pool and hot tub water!

Having a successful pool care program that is designed for your pool and your lifestyle is really not that difficult to achieve. It is best to establish a weekly routine to clean the pool and maintain the chemical balance that results in the prevention of problems before they begin and to resolve problems quickly should they occur.

Pool maintenance is not simply about adding chemicals, filtering water and preventing algae growth. Although they are interrelated, each component needs to be understood and managed. Pool care is a matter of thoughtful practice not a reactionary task. Select your choice of chemicals to use, with the right information and a little diligence you will soon be on your way to maintaining a healthy pool.

As pool professionals, it is our primary responsibility to help assure that clean and clear water is the result and you are satisfied with the ability to use your pool. We are not here to merely sell pool chemicals, filters or pumps but, rather, to use these items confidently to provide desirable water quality. Our performance as a pool professional is measured on how well we help to prevent problems and maintain water that looks inviting, not just our ability to eliminate a problem once it has occurred. We keep swimming enjoyable together!

 Maintain Pool Pro Chemicals

Our Maintain Pool Pro items include: Algaecides, clarifiers, Cal hypo, Cyanuric Acid, Di Chlor, granular pH adjusters, 1” and 3”Trichlor tablets, non-chlorine oxidizing shock, winter goods and many other ancillary products. Use quality Maintain Pool Pro chemicals in a regular maintenance program helps to prevent water problems and keep your pool sparkling clean, clear and inviting.

 Poolife Swimming Pool Chemicals The poolife® MPT Extra™ 4-in-1 Pool Care System resultsin crystal clear water all season! These proprietary chlorinating tablets chlorinate,clarify, prevent algae and soften pool water with the convienence of a tablet.Use poolife® TurboShock® shock to oxidize excess contaminants weekly. TurboShock®treatment is the strongest chlorine shock you can buy! Try our powerful poolife®Defend+® algaecide for algae removal situations.
 FROG Fresh Mineral Water

Pool Frog® and Spa Frog® fresh mineral water chemicals deliver natural mineral ionization with a 50 percent reduction in sanitizer use. Fresh Mineral Water® is what’s inside every FROG® pool or hot tub. The water is cleaner, clearer, softer and easier to maintain than traditional water care methods including salt systems. Try the New @ease Floating System for spas! Enjoy the benefits of Fresh Mineral Water® with SmartChlor™ Technology; that uses up to 75% less chlorine*, Self Regulates for continuous crystal clear water and greatly reduces hot tub shocking and maintenance.

 Leisure Time Simple Spa Care Leisure Time® spa produces some of the most popular spa water care products on the market today. Leisure Time has always been on the cutting edge of hot tub and spa water care technology while consistently offering high quality products. We offer their complete Simple Spa Care chemical line at low competitive prices.
 E-Z Pool and E-Z Spa Chemicals  E-Z POOL® is a patented water care program that combines simplicity with incredible water quality in a once-a-week application. This multi-tasking formula manages swimming pool water while eliminating the confusion of adding multiple chemicals frequently. E-Z Pool® and E-Z Spa® products are based on the philosophy that preventing problems is more efficient than treating them.
 Baquacil and Baqua Spa chemicals

BAQUACIL® chemicals is all about chlorine-free, carefree pool care that fits comfortably into your routine - creating more opportunities for you to enjoy clear, sparkling water all season long. The BAQUACIL® CDX™ System includes three key components that work together to save you time and maintenance: BAQUACIL® Sanitizer and Algistat (step 1), BAQUACIL® Oxidizer (step 2) and BAQUACIL® CDX® (step 3). Also, BAQUA SPA® Sanitizer, Oxidizer and Waterline Control for spas and hot tubs.

 Natural Chemistry pool and spa products Natural Chemistry Pool and Spa chemicals are non-toxic, biodegradable enzyme-based formulas that cure your most stubborn pool water problems! Natural Enzyme pool chemicals speed up the break down of organic compounds, suntan lotions, oils and reduces pool sanitizer use. Great products for pool opening and in season.
 PoolRx minerals for pools and spas PoolRx contains a proprietary blend of chelated mineral algaecide and chemical reducer that continuously and effectively eliminates algae while freeing up low levels of chlorine to be more active and productive in the water. PoolRx works synergistically with a constant low level (0.5-1.0ppm)of chlorine and lasts for up to 6 months. The PoolRx cylinder is placed inside the pump strainer basket so that while the pool filtration operates the minerals are rejuvenated each time they return and pass through it. PoolRx is an ideal solution for all chlorine pools, salt pools and spas. Reduces chlorine or salt chlorine demand by 50% and helps to extend salt cell life by lowering chlorine generator production or run time.
 Jack's Magic Metal and Stain treatment chemicals
For well over two decades Jack's Magic® products are the choice of the Stain Specialist™ for preventing and removing swimming pool stains and discoloration caused by copper, iron, scale, algae, oils and other metals. Jack's Magic® has developed products and methods proven to restore the sparkle and good look to your pool surfaces and water. 
 New Water cycler pool chlorine King Technology’s New Water® Cycler is all about ease and convenience with pre-filled chlorine packs that fit inside the Cycle automatic chlorine feeder. New Water® Cycler packs eliminate the hassle of carrying heavy buckets, handling chlorine tablets and breathing the fumes. These pacs last longer too because of the venturi delivery method used. For use with New Water® series 100 above ground cycler and series 400 in-ground cycler. Also fits Pool Frog® series 6100 and 5400 cyclers.

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