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Replacement spa and hot tub covers

Replacement spa and hot tub covers made to order!

We can have a custom manufactured spa or hot tub cover made for virtually any make and model hot tub or spa. Each cover is manufactured to the cover shape and measurements that you provide. The dedicated craftsmen and women utilize their years of experience with a mix of automated systems to deliver a first-class quality product. The result is an insulated hot tub cover solution that you can expect to be dependable for years to come. Compared to shopping and purchasing a spa cover to ship direct to you on the internet, our covers arrive to us direct from the factory on their own trucks, eliminating the typical freight damage claims and delays many folks experience. We can even provide our "White Glove" delivery service direct to your home. Come see us first for your new replacement spa or hot tub cover.

Most spa covers are replaced because they absorb water to their maximum capacity and become too heavy to lift. This makes the composition of the vapor barrier and how it is sealed paramount to the functional life of a spa cover.

Our manufacturer uses a specially-developed polyethylene plastic to seal the foam cores of its premium spa covers. The vapor shield is designed for excellent resistance to hot water vapor penetration, while also gracefully avoiding the degrading shatter effect that is found in most companies plastic.

The vapor shield would be useless if it were not paired with an outstanding sealing system to lock out the water from the foam core. The vacuum-forming, pneumatic impulse-sealing equipment produces a heat-sealed foam core that is superior to not only taped plastic seals, but also to what most other cover manufacturers use:  Hand-held nicron-wire sealing systems. Because this sealing equipment is 9' long, welds are not spliced in order to try to seal the typical lengths of spa cover foam cores. The integrated vacuum system allows an all-around seal with the need to tape off holes where the vacuum hose was installed. Also, the 1/4" seal from our sealing equipment is far superior to wire-thin seals that the hand-held models typically produce. Yes, this sealing system was 30x more expensive to purchase than the hand-held models, but the results speak for themselves!

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