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Using swimming pool solar covers in Ohio saves hundreds of dollars in pool heating cost every swim season! Solar pool covers, also called solar blankets have thousands of tiny air bubbles that capture solar energy in the form of heat from the sun. The heat that they collect is then transferred directly to the swimming pool water. Pool solar covers can raise the pool water temperature as much as 15 degrees! The degree of swimming pool heating depends on the amount of sun exposure, the color of the pool blanket and how long it’s on the pool surface.

We recommend leaving the pool covered except when you want to swim.

Swimming pool solar covers are also terrific insulators, especially at night, where a solar cover or blanket will drastically reduce pool heat loss and pool water evaporation! If you can control evaporation, you can control heat loss. Even a light wind can cause the loss of 70% of your pool heat right from the pool water surface. Conservation using a solar cover is especially important if you are paying to heat your pool with a pool heater or even if you are using energy efficient pool heat pump. Slash your swimming pool heating costs!
Swimming pool solar cover are available in round, oval or rectangular shapes to fit your pool. Solar blankets are very light and easy to manage because the cover floats on the pool surface. The top of the pool solar cover is smooth, the bottom side, called the bubble side, should always be installed down into the water for maximum contact with the pool water.

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