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Safety pool covers give the pool protection and peace of mind you need. When the pool cover is installed, people, pets and wildlife are protected from accidental drowning. Loop-Loc safety pool covers have the strength and durability to withstand winter's worst and are fast and easy to install when closing your pool for the winter. Leaves and fall debris just blow away making springtime pool opening easier and without a big mess compared to opening the pool the has a standard winter pool cover.

Safety pool covers also provide pool protection that is not just for winter, but if you go on vacation or must leave for an extended period of time, you can lock-down and protect your pool from un-authorized use while you are away.

  • Loop-Loc's Fine Mesh construction lets the rain, melting ice and snow drain through fast.
  • Water will not collect on the surface of the cover, making it safer for children and animals to be around the pool.
  • Easy cleanup in the springtime - The top of the cover stays dry - Dirt, leaves and debris just blow away!
  • Stands up to any weather condition - All components are UV protected or Non-corrosive. 
  • Our Designer Series Mesh Safety Covers give the peace-of-mind protection you are looking for!
  • Loop-Loc Designer Series Mesh keeps your pool looking Beautiful anytime of year and without a lot of maintenance.
  • We can custom make a genuine Loop-Loc Designer cover to fit the exact shape of your pool.
  • 302 Stainless Steel springs lock-down the protection and keep it taut, securely in place as long as you need it.
  • Solid Brass deck anchors retract into the anchor sleeves, to become flush with the pool deck when the cover is removed.
  • Super Strong! With a break-strength of 600 pounds per square inch - Yet lightweight and easy to handle! 
  • Safe and Secure - Once installed, the Loop-Loc Cover is tamper-proof! It can only be removed with a LOOP-LOC installation bar.
  • Pool opening will now be much Faster and Easier than with any standard solid pool cover!
  • Ends Ugly "Pockets" that form when water and debris cause solid vinyl covers to permanently stretch out of shape! 
  • LOOP-LOC Safety Pool Covers are backed by a 12 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Our Exclusive SAFEDGE® feature is a unique child intrusion safety barrier that meets raised walls, etc.
  • Our GAPGUARD® gives additional protection to fill-in and close the gaps if your pool deck has varying levels.
  • Adds Beautification to your backyard landscape and eliminates the swampy eyesore and mess of using standard solid winter covers.
  • Helps to eliminate insects and mosquito infestation, un-like using standard solid winter pool covers with water bags. 
  • Conserves our natural resources - Saves the water, cost and time of re-filling the pool in the spring!
  • No more replacing the winter cover and old-style water bags every other year!

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