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Pool Liners purchased at PoolMart Plus in Ohio is made easy, whether you are replacing an above ground, on-ground or in-ground liner.

Selecting a high quality the pool liner that you like is one of the most important elements of designing or up-dating your swimming pool. The interior finish is what you will appreciate every day. That's why we pay so much attention to the quality of the vinyl pool liners we offer and the craftsmen who make them. We know your pool liner has to do more than just look good through years of sun, water, chlorine,ultraviolet light, heat and cold, as well as everyday wear. It has to fit perfectly. It has to be as trouble-free years from now as it is today. The material has to be the best available. Seams have to be sealed absolutely water-tight. Our manufacturers use the most advanced high-technology equipment,improved construction techniques and materials.

Swimming pool liners must start with the highest quality virgin vinyl. They need to be resistant to tearing, cracking and withstand temperatures down to minus 30º F. In addition, a perfect fit for every pool is assured by using a sophisticated system of computer-aided design and cutting equipment. It results in a pool liner that is guaranteed to fit the dimensions specified with extraordinary precision. The liner printing process also uses advanced electronic engraving to produce crisp patterns and consistent colors. Our liners also have a built-in fungicide that reinforces the effectiveness of regular chlorine, algaecide and chemical treatment. An additional clear coating is also applied to the tile pattern to help resist abrasion and soiling. 

NOTE: As you view our liner patterns and colors on-line,every attempt has been made to accurately display the true color of the in-ground liner patterns - If you are color-matching your pool liner to an element around your pool, please contact us or visit us for a sample to see how it will actually look. These colors may be slightly distorted only due to computer monitor differences.

Our answers to FAQ: A quality vinyl pool liner should provide an average service life of about 12 years with proper physical and chemical treatment.

A 20 mil liner should last as long as a 28 mil liners if youstart with quality materials, the liner is properly made to fit and installed correctly, they should last about the same length of time. The thicker liner is only more resistant to abrasion.

We offer 20, 25 and 28 gauge above ground pool liners and 20 and 25 for rectangle on-ground pools like Kayak®, Sun Holiday, Olympic and Fanta-sea.

In-ground Swimming Pool Liners are available in 20 Ml, 20/28, 27, 28 and 30 Ml thicknesses.

We offer installation for liners we sell. For warranty info please refer to the manufacturer's website or contact us.


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