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PoolMart Plus has all the spa and hot tub chemicals you will need at affordable prices, even compared to online prices. You will find quality spa sanitizers from the top national manufacturers such as Baqua Spa, Leisure Time Spa Chemicals, EZ Spa, Spa Frog, Nature2 and more.

We know that everyone wants to use the simplest method of spa water sanitation. We provide professional assistance to help you decide the best spa sanitizer to use and we offer free water testing. Everyone has different persuasions when it comes to the type of hot tub chemicals or a spa care system they would like to use because of the cost and convenience each type offers. That is why we offer a wide variety of water maintenance sanitizers including Chlorine, Bromine tablets, Spa Frog Mineral Ionization and EZ Spa! Leisure Time spa chemicals are designed to meet all of your spa maintenance needs so you can easily maintain your spa or hot tub with clean, clear and safe water… so you have more time to relax and enjoy.

Chlorine is the most widely used sanitizer for swimming pools and it is used for hot tub sanitation too. However, spa bromine tablets are the preferred spa sanitizer of choice for many hot tub owners because bromine tablets are as effective at sanitization as chlorine, they are slow dissolving, remain stable and last longer at warmer water temperatures compared to chlorine. Additionally, bromine is less harsh to sensitive skin than chlorine spa chemicals so it is suitable for most bathers. In order to keep your spa free of bacteria, algae and organic contaminants, primary sanitizers like chlorine, bromine, biguanide or other types of oxidizers are required.

Another major spa sanitizer that reduces hot tub chemical care and to delivers more luxurious spa water is a mineral sanitizer, also called mineral purifiers. Mineral ionization is for hot tub owners who prefer less harsh, more natural spa and hot tub sanitizers and cost savings over many other methods. You will still need to use some chlorine or bromine with a mineral purifier like Nature2 spa purifier or Spa Frog Mineral purifier. However, they will reduce the need for bromine or chlorine to half of the required amount!

Baqua Spa chemicals are ideal for spa and hot tub owners looking for an alternative to chlorine and bromine sanitizers. Baqua Spa sanitizing system consists of three core spa products that are added once a week on an as needed basis. Baqua Spa products are biguanide, (hydrogen peroxide based) hot tub chemicals and are completely chlorine and bromine free. Baqua Spa sanitizers are virtually odor-free, are very gentle on the skin and eyes, and require less maintenance than traditional sanitizers require.

No matter which type of hot tub sanitizer you use, it is important to clean the spa filter routinely and to test and balance the hot tub water quality. Hot tub chemicals alone without proper filtration will not keep the water clean and clear. Low pH and low calcium hardness content reduces spa sanitizer performance and can damage metal hot tub components, especially in the spa water pathway. Poolmart Plus offers spa filters, filter cleaner and accurate test strips from AquaChek, Insta-Strips and Baqua Spa.

Poolmart Plus has all the spa chemicals and spa fragrances you will need to maintain clear, comfortable spa water for your family and friends using the best spa water balancing chemicals and sanitizers. We help make spas and hot tubs more luxurious and inviting creating a relaxing and soothing water experience so you can spend more time enjoying and less time maintaining it.

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